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Refillable & Reusable Propane Cylinders

16.4 oz Camping and 14.1 oz  Torch Tanks!

 We are changing the way people think about small 1# propane cylinders.  The true value they provide to campers, hobbyists and trades professionals is convenience.  The old problem was the cost- Our cylinders are the Solution!

Save hundreds of dollars not buying single-use cylinders and legally refill and transport our cylinders for years!

The average person buys a tank for around $3.39 -  Then they use roughly 36 cents worth of propane from the cylinder that took about $1.75 to manufacture, and another quarter to ship, then they throw it away!  If that is not bad enough, the cylinder then becomes a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) in your State or county and the taxpayer (YOU) has to cough up an average of $2.75 to properly dispose of it!  Sound fair to you?

This is about the only product in the market that costs 16 times more money to package, sell, and dispose of, than it does for the value of the product itself!


Check out how easy it is Video!

HELP Save the environment from over 40 Million Single-use disposable propane tanks that are produced, and thrown away each year in the US & Canada. This problem is so big, many National Parks have had to develop their own Recycling Machine!  






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FlameKing 1# Refillable Propane Tank and 1 Lb Reusable Propane Cylinder


Over 40 Million of these non-refillable cylinders are produced, and thrown away each year in the US & Canada. The problem is so big, many National Parks have had to develop their own recycling machine or manually puncture hundreds of cylinders left in the park every weekend! We know you care about the Environment as do we, which is why the legally refillable cylinder valves were developed and patented. FlameKing's new unique and patented valve innovation allows the end user to buy the cylinder and refilll or exchange it for use over 10 years! That's the initial certified life of a cylinder like your BBQ tank.

Did you know that many States do not allow Single-use propane cylinders into the waste stream and that they are considered a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?
Did you also know that YOU, the tax-payers are paying up to $3 per cylinder to properly dispose/recycle them?

Finally a Refillable 1 Lb. Propane Tank

One Pound Refillable Propane hits the Big Time

Newly signed national contracts with Home Depot, REI, U-Haul, Western Marine, and many others are turning the Flameking refillable cylinders into the Country's #1 camping and industrial innovation!  Get yours...

National Propane Retailer to Join the Movement!

Breaking news- A national propane retailer with hundreds of outlets across the country has decided to take up the cause and begin marketing and refilling the Flameking 1 lb. Refillable...

The Boy Scouts of America are taking notice of Refillable Propane

We have a troop in AZ using our cylinders and another few in PA looking at Flameking Refillable 1 Lb cylinders to save a ton of money during camping, fundraising,...


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